Greenhouse Management Software to Grow Your Plants and Business

RedBudSaaS provides actionable data so you can increase crop production and make Controlled Environment Agriculture more efficient than ever.

Trusted to Plan, Monitor, and Streamline Growing Operations By

For Growers by Growers

The seed for RedBud was planted by experts at OSU’s Indoor Growing Operations facility with over 30 years of experience in Greenhouse Management and Controlled Environment Agriculture.

RedBud’s system combines years of hands-on testing and the best-in-class horticulture software capabilities, becoming the go-to solution for indoor growers that need a comprehensive greenhouse management system, available across all devices.

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Make Growing Easier with Redbud

With our feature rich software growing becomes easier than ever.
Customize RedBud to your Greenhouse, Enjoy Space planning, Task Management, Realtime Reporting, across every platform.

Real-Time Reporting

Redbud is an integrated platform with powerful data analytics capabilities that intuitively aggregates all the information about individual plants, batches, pests, equipment, and more.

Businesses can also use Redbud to monitor operations from seed to harvest,
across any number of facilities for easier visibility.

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Customized For Your Greenhouse

Make Redbud truly yours through a variety of tailor made reports for insights into your growth. Businesses can configure different sites for different facilities and operations, build templates to use and reuse.
Track individual plants or batches from seed to harvest using QR codes with unmatched accuracy.

Manage all your data on Redbud’s suite of cloud databases to
streamline data entry and meet regulatory recordkeeping
requirements with ease.

Cross Platform Support

All of Redbud’s powerful features are available as a secure browser based program. With nothing to install on your computer, you can access Redbud from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Redbud is also available as a secure mobile app on both Android and iOS for cross platform support.
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My greenhouse business is finally getting on the right track thanks to RedBud Software. I never knew how easy it would be to streamline my operation for maximum profit. Everything from pest management, space planning, maintenance tracking and automation are in one place which makes my life much easier.

Redbud Features

These are the features that makes us
the best Greenhouse Management Software

Centralized Data Hub

Our Integrated platform intuitively aggregates all information about crops, pests, equipment, and activities across any number
of facilities for full visibility.

Full Customization

Configure your RedBud Portal to match your facility and operations, build templates to use and reuse.

Onboard Databases

We offer a suite of onboard databases to streamline data entry.

Robust Reporting

Tailor-make a variety of reports to gain insights into your grow and meet regulatory recordkeeping requirements

Real-Time Documentation

Secure browser-based program so there snothing to install on your computer and accessible anywhere with our mobile app.

Dynamic Tracking

Track individual plants or batches from seed to harvest using QR codes.

Made for All Kind of Growers, Big or Small

Our modern agriculture software for CEA growers is available to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Growing facilities around the country are creating actionable roadmaps and achieving growing goals using RedBud.

Enhanced Crop and Space Planning

Monitor crops with a data driven view of your operation throughout the entire growth cycle, helping your team to make informed decisions.

Optimize Pest Scouting & Management

Quickly spot pest trends via the graphical interface and streamline WPS recordkeeping using the onboard control products database.

Task Management

Automated task and maintenance management system log the who, what, where, and when, improving team communications.

Equipment Maintenance

Our greenhouse management system promotes automation and preventative maintenance with support for equipment inventory where facilities can upload manuals, schematics, and more.

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