The Top 10 Ways to Improve Space Planning for Indoor Farming in 2021

Did you know that agriculture is the number one way people support their livelihoods around the world? It’s an extremely important industry and supports regional, global, and local economies. Unfortunately, due to variances in climate conditions, urban development, soil health, and soil quality – agriculture cannot be practiced everywhere.

Biggest Innovations for Indoor Farming in 2021 for Sustainable Food Production

New innovations, approaches, and techniques for farming are constantly evolving to create more resilient and sustainable food systems. Some of the most promising of these innovations are being used to create new indoor farming techniques, as a way to feed high quality and contaminant-free food to the ever-growing population.

7 Biggest Upcoming Trends and Innovations in Controlled Environment Agriculture

Wrapping up…
Controlled environment agriculture is an exciting new field with new inventions and discoveries every other day. This article is a recap of some of the past innovations that are on track to become major trends in the industry.
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Redbud and Current Indoor Techniques

Farming is becoming tightly related to software, in today’s blog we’ll go in deep how RedBud’s software can help improve your operation’s profits

Composting in the Controlled Environment Agriculture

Composting is the conversion of organic materials and waste materials into useful and nutrient-rich products for plant growth and development. Compost plays an important role in CEA, click on the article to learn more

Significance of Crop Planning Software for Indoor Farming

Indoor farming is becoming more popular among citizens, researchers, and scientific communities as poor food quality continues to be a major concern, which is why the significance of crop planning software is getting more tracking for indoor farming

Using Indoor Farming Software to Improve Yield and Efficiency

Technology has changed the landscape of farming, highlighting how connectivity (or the lack thereof) can severely disrupt the supply chain. While demand is growing, growers are still trying to get back on their feet after COVID-19 and the supply chain disruptions it caused. Unfortunately, the journey will be longer and harder for small-medium companies who […]