Redbud and Current Indoor Techniques

The future of indoor farming and controlled environment agriculture is becoming greatly dependent on the use of efficient software systems for the right management and control. RedBud is an effective end-to-end platform for greenhouse and indoor farm management. Redbud enables growers to have better control over the controlled environment agricultural operations. 

Redbud also shines at streamlining current indoor farming techniques including space planning, management of specific tasks, pest scouting, pest control, and equipment management.

Pest Scouting and Pest Control 

Redbud enables controlled environment agriculture growers to record pest populations by pest scouting in growing conditions in real-time. It also helps for evaluating the trends of pest population in the growing system and accessing the efficiency of specific control measures. This application supports scouting documents with photos and notes with convenient access to product labels and datasheets. 

The Redbud mobile application is supported for both android and IOS systems

This application allows printable signage of pesticide applications and allows growers to record and control the applications of specific products according to the protection and working standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Moreover, RedBud also provides easy log control and recommends the use of EPA-approved biological control agents and control products. 

Pest scouting and control can be daunting for farmers new to the world of indoor farming but Redbud helps them achieve a sufficient understanding of the specific control measures and management practices.

Management of Equipment

RedBud is designed to help the creation of specific equipment inventory, and upload documents, schematics, and manuals referencing. It helps growers automate assignments of routine and specific maintenance tasks, log preventive maintenance, and conduct both scheduled and emergency repairs.

RedBud allows growers to assign specific tasks to relevant workers and teams so that everyone can get proper instructions about the work they are responsible for. The working status of tasks can also be tracked by category, priority, assignee, and date.

Management of Specific Tasks

data analytics

Redbud also offers automation of crop production assignments for each type of crop being grown in the controlled environment agriculture. Moreover, staff communications can also be centralized with reminders and notifications along with printable task listings.

Space Planning 

Growers can plan the growing space by tracking the available indoor space with the help of RedBud software. Plants’ movement throughout the growing space can be tracked by batches, trays, or individuals. Space planning for specific crops can also be done by selecting the crops from the onboard database. 

Growers can also build their own space management plans according to the nature of the crop being grown and the type of management practices they want to use. RedBud is provided with the production templates and customizable propagation, that facilitates task assignment and space allocation. Furthermore, zone maps allow a bird’s eye view that helps the growers to link the critical information to the level of individual plants.

Grow Smarter with Redbud Today

Growing has always been as much of a science as it is an art. And without modern technological advancements, growers and companies are leaving a lot on the table.

The team at Redbud identified the barriers that growers face when migrating towards modern data-driven solutions and have worked with scientists from Ohio State University to develop an end-to-end platform that addresses those barriers and helps growers overcome the challenges of modern indoor farming.

Learn what you can achieve by infusing technology into your workflows with a free demo of Redbud today.