Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

These days you simply cannot run an above-board farming or processing operation without a robust inventory tracking system and PoE (Proof of existence).

Redbud was created by growers that understand the range of smart tagging and asset tracking requirements from seeding, to individual plants and crop, harvest, curing processing, lab testing, distribution and retail sale.

Lab Testing and Samples

Lab Testing and Samples

As technology has grown exponentially, cultivators and processors are finding that utilization of these tools is the key component to optimal growing conditions, consistency, high-quality products, and regulatory compliance. 3rd party state-managed, and/or in house testing.

Redbud software can help you track everything from soil quality (microbiological, nutrients, moisture, etc.). to final product lab results (potency, contaminants, etc.)

Crop-Cycle Management

Crop Cycle Management

Slight variations in how a specific specimen is grown can make a tremendous difference in yield. Managing research and development data and compiling it to maximize yields, can be difficult.

Redbud crop-cycle management system stores all data related to individual crops, so you can identify the exact differences that lead to higher yields and higher profit margins.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Regardless whether you’re a grower, distributer, retailer, marketer, processor, managing batch inventory, or a manufacturer managing an inventory of end products.

Redbud offers robust inventory tracking features featuring QR code technology


security feature

Our partnership with techonology’s largest names allow us to provide a secure connection to all of our products. Fully integrated with your environmental controls systems, security and data collection devices

Data Analytics

The power is in the information. With hash technology and blockchain, there is an unlimited amount of possibilities. We can help you look deeper into the data behind your business with built in the reports, custom crystal reports, excel, SQL and more.

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