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Rediscover the joy of indoor growing with the cutting-edge features of Redbud. We are at the forefront of bringing technological advancements to indoor growers and small-medium scale CEA facilities.

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Dynamic Inventory Tracking

Controlled Environment Agriculture is hard enough on its own – but it doesn’t have to be.

Gone are the days of manually processing every single operation. With
RedBud’s Dynamic Inventory Tracking system, growers are better equipped to
deal with the complexities of indoor growing by tracking individual plants and batches, from seed to harvest.

The Dynamic Inventory Tracking system provides a range of smart tagging and
asset tracking solutions that features easy-to-implement QR codes. Take the
guesswork out of every step of indoor growing, from seeding to individual plants and crops, harvest, curing processing, lab testing, distribution, and retail sale with Redbud today.

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Lab Testing and Samples

The predicts that the global population will grow by 78 million people by the end of 2021, and then again in 2022. That’s nearly 100 million new mouths to feed every year.

With Redbud, growing companies do not need to rely on third-party state-managed labs or invest heavily to finance in-house labs. Our agriculture planning software helps you with everything from tracking soil quality (microbiological, nutrients, moisture, etc.) to finding product lab results (potency, contaminants, etc.).

Redbud offers powerful lab testing and sample capabilities to ensure optimal growing conditions, consistent results, high-quality products, and regulatory compliance.

Crop-cycle Management

Reduce crop development uncertainties with continuous research and development with Redbud.

Redbud’s crop cycle management system drives powerful insights
that can be used to maximize crop rotation gains. The crop
management software stores all data related to individual crops,
enabling growers to pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t.

Redbud helps CEA facilities manage all of the information in one, easy-to use dashboard. Use custom recommendations and insights along with our data analytics engine to increase the yield and profit

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RedBud Software has been a great addition to our greenhouse. It is so easy to use and navigate, and even the most novice of growers can be successful in this system. We love the features that include pest management, space planning and maintenance tracking. The automation features are really helpful too! I would recommend this software to anyone with a greenhouse!

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Inventory Management

Keeping track of inventory from seed to plant to harvest is not only pivotal to the success of your greenhouse but also a huge undertaking.

Without a robust inventory tracking system, it’s difficult to judge the true state of your growing facility. The inventory management system within Redbud was built on customer feedback by indoor growers, and CEA companies. It leverages cutting-edge technologies, including QR codes, to track every single plant and batch in your indoor growing facilities, from seed to harvest, with unmatched accuracy.


Redbud has partnered with the largest names in cloud technology to provide a secure connection to every user.

Fully integrated with most environmental control systems, security,
and data collection devices, our agricultural management software
streamlines your data and manages it to meet regulatory documentation requirements with ease. With Redbud’s suite of cloud databases, your data is safe with us.

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Data Analytics

The power is in the information. With Redbud that power has been put in your hands with our powerful data analytics that intuitively aggregates all the information about individual plants, batches, pests, equipment, and more.

At Redbud, we help you look deeper into the data behind your business by creating a variety of reports to drive insights and make decision-making easier. Increase visibility into your greenhouse with Redbud’s built-in reports, custom crystal reports, excel, SQL, and more.


Make growing a little easier with our cross-platform greenhouse
management. Track your greenhouse wherever you go. With all of Redbud’s powerful features available on a secure browser-based
program, you can access the software from anywhere in the world
and at any time.

Redbud is also available as a secure mobile app on both Android and iOS.

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