Built For Growers, By Growers

RedBud is backed by an experienced team who understands the complexities of Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Our Mission

RedBud delivers modern software for Controlled Environment Agriculture. From Pest Management and Equipment Maintenance to Task Assignment and Space Allocation, RedBud’s integrated platform was built for growers, by growers to improve operational efficiencies, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Born From Research

RedBud was born out of research at The Ohio State University and is backed by an experienced team that understands the complexities of Controlled Environment Agriculture. As a centralized platform that streamlines task management and provides dynamic record-keeping and actionable insights, RedBud helps growers reduce costs while maximizing crop consistency and achieving repeatable results.

About Us

These are the faces that lead the RedBud Team.

Joan Leonard

Joan Leonard

Co-Founder and Product Advisor

Joan Leonard, Co-Founder, has over 30 years’ experience in the greenhouse industry. As Greenhouse Manager for The Ohio State University, she conceived and built the initial RedBud product. Joan is an expert in indoor growing operations and greenhouse management. She has extensive connections in the industry through her decades of work at OSU, current consulting work to CEA companies and through membership in organizations such as AmericanHort and the USDA Committee on Controlled Environments.

Tushar Kulkarni

Tushar Kulkarni

Chief Executive Officer

Tushar is a serial entrepreneur with a background in software
who brings over 25 years of industry experience to RedBud. He has been a part of RedBud since its early days; His
experience, passion, and leadership have been integral components for the growth of the company. Tushar has been the co-founder of more than four different companies, including BigKittyLabs.com, which has gained a multinational
presence. He holds an MBA from University of Phoenix and is a physics enthusiast.

Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell

Board Member

Dan is a respected leader in start-up circles as well as a
thought leader for all businesses that want to embrace new ideas and culture in their organizations. His passion for innovation, new ideas and using technology to drive change is at the core of his ability to envision the possible beyond
the impossible.

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