Real World Use Cases

Redbud, a revolutionary horticulture software, was conceived by growers unafraid to employ innovative solutions to reduce costs and administrative overhead. Our horticultural management software shoulders the hard work so growers can concentrate solely on yielding high-quality produce.

Space Planning

With the rapid growth of technology in agriculture, Redbud enables Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) companies to optimize their space utilization. Redbud allows for a quick overview of the stages of your Reservations, current Scheduling, and occupancy of your zones, allowing for better space usage, planning, and business operations.

Experience rapid growth through the Use of Every Square Inch

Redbud’s tools empower growers to manage their harvests, plan yields better, and recommend the right planting schedules, fertilizer types, and more.

Monitor All Inputs and Environment

Redbud’s horticulture software allows you to monitor your vertical space, usage of natural and artificial light, water, and temperature. Proper management of vertical growing space can significantly reduce greenhouse pollution, carbon footprint, and overhead compared to traditional agriculture allowing for more sustainable business processes.

Coordinate Work Between Teams

When it comes to pest scouting and management, the pest control inventory data collected using RedBud can be used to determine if pest control measures are required, helping you select the right pesticide and timeframe for maximum effect. These steps are crucial in pest management and allow managers to quantify pest pressure and the potential for crop damage.

Set up growing locations, plan labor, activity, and material requirements before the start of the season, ensuring that information flows smoothly and efficiently to all team members

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Monitor crops with a data-driven view of your growing operations throughout the entire growth cycle, helping your team to make informed decisions using horticulture management software.

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Task Management

Many growers still try to manage their greenhouse operations manually, which is both unnecessary and time-consuming. Technology has made it easier to automate and manage many tasks, often simultaneously. RedBud’s advanced Task Management and monitoring tools increase efficiency, visibility, and yield.

Redbud Software’s mobile app allows for easy access to tasks from anywhere, allowing growers and employees alike to stay focused in the field.

Manage Your Business Operations

The Task management functionality allows for easy handling of multiple teams and improves team communications.

Automate Business processes

Our Automated task and maintenance management system allows you to easily log who, what, where, and when. Reduce the work of maintenance record-keeping through our automation feature.

Our Horticulture Software Integrates With your Tech

Redbud is the one-stop platform for the management of all growing activities through the use of technology, such as drones and sensors. Contact us for integration with your greenhouse’s systems.

Start saving money on overhead and avoid equipment breakdown during your busy seasons with Redbud today.

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Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is especially critical for indoor growing, where elements like water, temperature, and light are machine-controlled. 

A single failure can be disastrous for the entire project. Redbud helps companies maintain their equipment in the best condition by promoting automation and preventative maintenance, with support for equipment inventory where indoor growing facilities can upload manuals, schematics, and more.

Pest Scouting and Management

When it comes to pest scouting and management, information gathered during the process can be used to determine if pest control measures are required, to select the right pesticide and timeframe for maximum effect. These steps are critical in pest management and allow managers to quantify pest pressure and the potential for crop damage.

Using Redbud allows greenhouse growers and companies to:

  • Quickly spot pest trends via the graphical interface and streamline WPS record-keeping, using the onboard control products database.
  • Reduce the hours spent in the field for growers with the use of intuitive and technologically advanced agriculture management tools.
  • Detect and monitor many species of insect pests automatically.
  • Improve Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in precision agriculture and thus reducing the overall use of pesticides and focusing on more precise applications.
  • Analyze the spatial temporal variability of several key factors that affect plant health and productivity.

With Redbud’s industry-leading horticulture software as your Technology Partner, you can expect increased production, better inventory control, facility insight and analytics, reporting among other features to make your life easier. All with year-round support and backed by the team at Big Kitty Labs

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